The Relationship between Nurses' Practices about Assessment of Neonatal Neurological Status with their Level of Education

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Murtadha A. Abdul-Hamza, Rabea M. Ali


Objective: to evaluate nurses' practices regarding assessment of neonatal neurological status after the interventional program (Post-test-1 and Post-test-2) in the holy of Karbala and to determine the relationship between nurses’ practices with their educational level. Method and Materials: a quasi-experimental study design was utilized, with a pre-, post-test 1 and post-test 2 method for the studied group, it was carried out for a period of "9th January 2022 to 7th September, 2022". A non-probability, purposive sample of (30) nurses was recruited from nurses working at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Karbala Paediatric teaching hospital in the holy of Karbala City. The instrument is used to evaluate nurses’ practice which includes (47) items. Results: The results of nurses' practices show a significant association, at a p-value, between nurses' practices regarding neurological assessment and their level of education during post-test 2. (0.023). While there is no correlation between nurses' practices regarding neurological assessment and their degree of education during the pre-test and post-test 1, there is one. Conclusion: The study concluded that most nurses’ practices were scored at good level after application the interventional program, during the period of post-test 1 and 2.  The research found a significant correlation between post-test 2 nurses' practices of neurological assessment and their educational level.  

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