Music Medicine Intervention – Based Program for Reducing Pain and Anxiety of Children Undergoing Bone Marrow Aspiration and Lumber Puncture Procedures

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Myasar Jasim Kalel, Adraa Hussein Shawq,


Music therapy is one of complementary methods, plays a key role in improving human health and controlling pain. Music therapy is a supportive profession, which can be used by patients diagnosed with different types of physical and psychological problems or social-emotional disorders. This study aims to Determine the effects of music therapy on child’s anxiety undergoing lumber puncture and bone marrow aspiration. And to find out the relationship between children’s anxiety and pain with their socio-demographic characteristics during lumber puncture and bone marrow aspiration procedures. A quasi experimental design was conducted among 78 pediatric patients who were recruited using a convenience sampling strategy, divided in to study and control groups.  The data were collected using a self-report questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics. The result of this study revealed that there is a high significant differences in state anxiety and physiological parameters of the children between the study and control group. this study concludes that use of music medicine intervention program were effective in reducing anxiety in children under going bone marrow and lumbar puncture procedures.

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