A Simple Approach To Preserve Remaining Natural Tooth Structure With Post And Core System

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Aditee Apte, Seema Sathe (Kambala), Rewa Kawade, Mithilesh Dhamande


Replacement of missing tooth structure, preservation of function and aesthetics, and defence against infection and fracture are the aims of prosthodontic and restorative dentistry. Endodontic therapy eliminates the tooth pulp and any important canal contents, leaving behind teeth with calcified tissues and substantially less moisture than healthy teeth. It was believed that doing so would drastically weaken the tooth's structure and increase the likelihood that it would break when subjected to masticatory stresses. A detailed treatment plan is created by taking into account the variations between teeth that have had endodontic therapy and healthy, untreated teeth. The clinical situation of severely damaged teeth using the post and core technique is described in this case report.

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