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Mounika Nalluri
Aruna Sri Rongali
Dr. Rahul Pulimamidi
Chinna babu Mupparaju


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an essential component of all applications that are focused on the future, including but not limited to smart cities, smart homes, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, transportation networks, and military operations. Apps for the internet of things are extremely crucial to the process of providing medical care because they make it feasible to conduct remote patient monitoring that is both secure and in real time. In the long run, this makes a contribution to an improvement in the overall quality of people's lives. This review article takes a look at the most recent developments that have been made in healthcare monitoring systems by taking a look at how the internet of things (IoT) functions. This research studies the advantages of healthcare systems that are based on the Internet of Things and examines their significance. Additionally, this research investigates the advantages of employing IoT in the medical industry. By doing a literature review on the subject, we are able to present a comprehensive analysis of the most recent research conducted on healthcare monitoring systems that are based on the Internet of Things. The evaluation of the relevant literature incorporates comparative analyses of a number of monitoring, data protection, privacy, and safety measures, as well as the efficacy and efficiency of a variety of different systems. In addition to this, the study offers a classification system for healthcare monitoring sensors and conducts an investigation into monitoring solutions for the Internet of Things that are predicated on wireless and wearable sensors. In addition, we delve even deeper into the challenges that are faced by the healthcare business in terms of maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and ensuring that patients receive adequate levels of service. At the very conclusion of the research project, proposals and recommendations for Internet of Things healthcare applications are offered, along with future directions linked to a range of current advancements in technical innovation.

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